Like all of your sadness reduced to a color

I often find albums that I'll listen to all the way through, even though each single song might not please me as much as I would like. Some albums I get obsessed by, and I have to listen to them like there are no other albums in the world. Those times trying to find another song on my iPod seems like an impossible task - at that moment there just doesn't exist any other music that I could possibly want to listen to. 

Twin Shadow's debut Forget is one of those albums that I listened to a lot when it first came to my attention while on a trip to London in 2010. It's one of those albums that I had quite the listening session with, but not on the verge of obsession - more of a healthy listen - and as I see now a album that I continuously go back to when I just want to listen to something that makes me feel something. I guess I can put it this way; it's an album I listen to when I feel energetic, when I'm walking to somewhere, when I'm jogging, when I just want to listen to something good. The strange thing is that I don't consider Twin Shadow one of my favorite artists nor Forget one of my favorite albums, but still I keep going back. 

I think the thing that's interesting about this album (to me, that is) is that I keep changing which song I prefer the most. Like now, I put Tyrant Destroyed first because it's the song I prefer right now. In a couple of weeks I'm sure I'll be back to Slow or Tether Beat. What I'm attempting to say is that every song definitely has many layers, in which you can discover something new every time you take the time to really listen. Just like with people, huh? I like when music feels like a person/someone you not only have to listen to, but that you have to pay attention to and understand. And the best thing of all is when this happens naturally; when music is like someone you want to listen to and someone you really want to understand and get to know.


Harsh and stubborn that river bends

I was going to include this a couple of days ago in my little post and few words about my longing for live music essentially. But I couldn't. This little video, this little but so big performance deserves to stand on its own, and indeed it does. A great friend of mine showed me Erik Enocksson's music a long time ago, and every song is just perfect in its own way. This little concert was done out in the woods (as you can see) somewhere in Sweden. It's just one of those very special things that words can't really express. These excerpts are a part of a documentary showing one of Enocksson's last performances, I think. Close your eyes for this one guys.


You turn my legs into spaghetti

Clearly longing to hear some live music right now. I'm looking forward to nice summer evenings with incredible bands playing incredible music. I hope it'll be many of them this year.

Michicant / Bon Iver
Thirteen Thirtyfive / Dillon
I Know Places / Lykke Li
Paradise Circus / Massive Attack
Lost In This World / Kanye West and Bon Iver


Coming down

Justin Vernon's voice always makes me want to cry. Everything he does with Bon Iver is amazing, unfathomable and breathtaking. Here he covers the Anais Mitchell song Coming Down. I haven't yet seen Bon Iver in concert, partially because I haven't been in the right place at the right time, but also because going to concerts of artists I love often has a discouraging effect, because I discover they're not as I thought. Of course, of course, of course I know that Bon Iver is nothing but amazing, and that I could never be discouraged or disappointed by them. That's why I'm currently searching a bit to find tickets for the summer. Luckily they're playing many shows this summer, so I have nothing to worry about, I just have to make sure I'm in the right place at the right time... and that I don't lose it when I see hear them. Cuz I'm gonna!
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In all those fashion shows models have been wearing a small gold or silver bangle as an ornament or a hair tie for ponytails and hair styles alike. I'm not quite sure if I like the very sterile versions, but I do like the idea of putting jewelry in one's hair. That's why I took this bangle, which my mother bought in India several years ago and later gave to me, and used it as a hair ornament. Its perimeter is too large to be used with simple ponytails, but it does in fact do a great job on "spritzing" up the regular chignon.



Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Amongst other endeavors photographer Paul Himmel liked taking beautiful, moving photographs of the ballet. The way he captures the dancers' movements is just astounding. It's almost like each photograph is a painting of something more distance and abstract, though in reality it's the beautiful moments of very real dancers captured. The grainy quality adds to this abstraction, I think. It almost blurs out any truly defining lines, like the dancers and their movements are about to dissolve or burst into the rest of the space in the photographs. Every movement, and dancer and object and shade blends into each other in the most natural way.

1. Ballet Serenade, 1951/52
2. The Cage A, ca. 1950
3. Swan Lake D, 1951/52
4. Ballet Serenade, 1951/52
5. The Cage E, ca. 1950
6. Ballet Swan Lake, 1951/52
7. Orpheus B, ca. 1950
8. Illuminations A, 1953


Both of us without any maybes but musts

So not to turn this completely into a music blog... but there's so much good music to be shared. And music always makes things better, doesn't it? - the good stuff better and the bad stuff just a little bit easier (make that a whole lot easier).

Jet Out of The Tundra / Lotus Plaza
Vapor Trails / Grouper
Genesis / Grimes
Believe / Cant
I'll Take Care of U / Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX
NoWayBack / oOoOO featuring Butterclock
End Come Too Soon / Wild Beasts


Strange grey days

Today is one of those...

Song is Strange Grey Days by Chains of Love.


Astral light

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Just some words Egon Schiele wrote to Oskar Reichel in September 1911:

"When I see myself entire, I shall have to see myself and know what I want, not only know what is happening within me but also to what extent I have the ability to look, what means are mine, what enigmatic substances I am made of and of how much of that greater part that I perceive and have hitherto perceived in myself. - I see myself evaporating and exhaling more and more, the oscillations of my astral light are growing faster, directer, simpler, and like a great insight into the world. Thus I am constantly accomplishing more, producing further and infinitely more shining things from within myself, insofar as love, which is everything, endows me in this way and leads me to what I am instinctively attracted by, what I want to drag into myself, in order to make something new anew that I have seen in spite of myself. "

Painting is Self Portrait with Chinese Lanterns, 1912.


I killed for love

Some dreamy music for a nice, sunny morning. I've liked Chromatics ever since the songs Night Drive and I Want Your Love, but this time around I like them even more. Their new song Kill For Love gives me a The Jesus and Mary Chain/Lost in Translation-vibe, which indeed can only mean good things.

Kill For Love / Chromatics
Hologram Girl / Miniature Tigers
Boreal / Hundrer Waters


What's now gone somehow exists

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 1. Bericht / Cant
2. Oh, red! There you are again. How I would like to wear this little ensemble, if it weren't so hot in Athens right now.
3. Her hair length and hair color. And of course the not to be missed two words on her tee!

Photos are from Turned Out.


Red shoes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us There is something remarkable about red shoes. I guess it's the feeling they give, how you can just get a little happier by looking down at your feet when wearing a pair. I love my red heels, and now that it's full spring and everything is bright and wonderful I simply have to start wearing them more often. They deserve a good dress though, or maybe some tailored pants (if I could ever find a pair I truly liked).


One word and another

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I thought I'd share some of the lyrics from various songs which I like. Sometimes I don't want to listen to lyrics at all, all those words being sung, no I just want the instruments, the melody, the beats. Other times the lyrics, those words put after one another combined with just the right tones brings so much meaning to the song, to me, to my life I guess. Here are some of those words I'm loving at the moment. For some of the songs, it's just a couple of sentences, for others it's heaps more.

Wash. / Bon Iver
I I'm growing like the quickening hues
I I'm telling darkness from lines on you

Holocene / Bon Iver
Not the needle, nor the thread, the lost decree
Saying nothing that's enough for me

Open / Rhye
I'm a fool for that shake in your thumb
I'm a fool for that sound in your songs*
I'm a fool for your belly
I'm a fool for your love

You Know What I Mean / Cults
Cause I am afraid of the light 
Yeah, you know what I mean
And I can't sleep alone at night
Yeah, you know what I mean
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I Know Places / Lykke Li
Don't ask me when but ask me why
Don't ask me how but ask me where
There is a road, there is a way
There is a place, there is a place

Hanging High / Lykke Li
Oh, thunder in my heart
These razors cutting sharp
And leaves me with an ever bleeding scar

So soft, so suddenly
So that I cannot breathe
I'm drawn into a circle painted black

Measurements / James Blake
Please fall down
Testing sounds
For the deaf and the forest cold

Trees in clouds
Testing doubts
Trying hard not to be too bold
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Silver Stallion / Cat Power
I'm gonna find me a reckless man
Razor blades and ice in his eyes
Just a touch of sadness in his fingers
Thunder and lightning in his thighs

A Love Story / Thomas Dybdahl
Doesn't it feel good
To know that you've been loved
And doesn't it make you
Laugh when you think of

The day when we all got lost on the old man's farm
Just trying to get across
It was only then I knew what love was

You and I / Wilco featuring Feist
You and I, we might me strangers
However close we get sometimes
It's like we've never met
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
You Are The Blood / Sufjan Stevens
You are the blood flowing through my fingers
All through the soil and up in those trees
You are electricity and you're light
You are sound itself and you are flight
You are the blood flowing through my fingers
All through the soil and up in those trees
You are the bood flowing through my fingers

You are the blood that I may see you
That I may see you
You are the blood in me

You are the earth on which I travel
On which I travel
You are the earth under my feet
That I may travel
That I may travel with you
You are the earth on which I write the circumstances
You say what you want from me
You are the solitude that goes against me
That goes against me
You are the quiet in which I dream
In which I sleep, in which I wander

*I couldn't find the exact lyrics to this song, but by listening those are the words I heard