Like all of your sadness reduced to a color

I often find albums that I'll listen to all the way through, even though each single song might not please me as much as I would like. Some albums I get obsessed by, and I have to listen to them like there are no other albums in the world. Those times trying to find another song on my iPod seems like an impossible task - at that moment there just doesn't exist any other music that I could possibly want to listen to. 

Twin Shadow's debut Forget is one of those albums that I listened to a lot when it first came to my attention while on a trip to London in 2010. It's one of those albums that I had quite the listening session with, but not on the verge of obsession - more of a healthy listen - and as I see now a album that I continuously go back to when I just want to listen to something that makes me feel something. I guess I can put it this way; it's an album I listen to when I feel energetic, when I'm walking to somewhere, when I'm jogging, when I just want to listen to something good. The strange thing is that I don't consider Twin Shadow one of my favorite artists nor Forget one of my favorite albums, but still I keep going back. 

I think the thing that's interesting about this album (to me, that is) is that I keep changing which song I prefer the most. Like now, I put Tyrant Destroyed first because it's the song I prefer right now. In a couple of weeks I'm sure I'll be back to Slow or Tether Beat. What I'm attempting to say is that every song definitely has many layers, in which you can discover something new every time you take the time to really listen. Just like with people, huh? I like when music feels like a person/someone you not only have to listen to, but that you have to pay attention to and understand. And the best thing of all is when this happens naturally; when music is like someone you want to listen to and someone you really want to understand and get to know.

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