Nineteen Thirty-Eight

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The name Alfred Eisenstaedt immediately makes me think of this iconic photograph. However he did not only take photographs of sailors kissing nurses and famous film stars. He captured the elegance and beauty of "regular" (read: not regular at all) women as well. Such as the ones showed here. What I love about the clothes these women are wearing is that they look completely right for their time (1938), but could also easily be transferred into today. Though I suppose that says more about our time than about the 30s. I'm also completely entranced by the simple beauty of those shoes in the close-ups. I wouldn't mind walking about in the second pair one hot summer day. Anyway... I think Eisenstaedt did a beautiful job capturing these women and their attires. I have a penchant for such photographs as these. They instill in me a strange sense of nostalgia for a place, a time, a decade I have not experienced.
Photos courtesy of Life Magazine.

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