A new kind of closet

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Before making this move to Athens, I didn't know what it meant to pack clothes and things that were to be used for several months. In fact, I procrastinated on the whole ordeal, just because I really thought it would be a time-consuming, frustrating, energy-sucking process. To say the least, it wasn't at all. When packing upon three days before departure I found I had found just the right clothes to bring, the right shoes, my favorite books and some new ones, my favorite and most precious things. I managed to pack only one suitcase, and that goes for all the things I brought. The most shocking fact, though the least surprising (if that makes sense) was that it barely looked like I had taken anything from the closet when I had finished packing. It really made me realize that there's only so much I care to use and feel comfortable in, as well as looking sharp, clean and to the the point in. It's not so much a specific look as it is a very specific feeling. I am happy to say I only brought the items I absolutely knew I would feel and look good in. Those items I just know I always go to. The only area I am at loss is that of coats. I only brought a black duffel coat from Acne. It does go with anything and works in any occasion, but I've discovered that just having one coat in a city where January brings moody weather is not so ideal. Other than that, I think I just love my new closet. It's a new kind of closet, a more refined and edited one. A concoction that's almost in accord with what I deem as the ideal closet. The photos I've included here exude in one way or another the feeling I'm talking about. The clothes are also similar to things I've brought and are items I find aesthetically pleasing and items that fulfill their function as well. What could be better?

Sources: 3rd and 4th photo: FGR, 5th: Adeline Mai. Unfortunately, I was unable to find back to the sources of the first two photos. If anyone knows the sources, please let me know.

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