aigina Since the previous post I wrote about making my blog more "beautiful" and essentially more personal, I've been feeling both very inspired and uninspired all at the same time. I guess I've been more inspired general in life, and less inspired in terms of this blog. I do want to write and post though, the desire is really there. I'm not giving up on my little "project". I think I just need some time to really think about what I want to do here and how, though it isn't really that hard. It feels like I've arrived somewhere on the subject.

This weekend for instance, I "arrived" many places. Well at least two beautiful places - two islands that is. First I went with a couple of friends to Hydra, a beautiful little island a not very long boat ride from Athens. I've been there before, but every time I'm there, as was with this time, the picturesque beauty of the island strikes me. I also love that there are no cars there. This fact not only preserves the calm of the streets and the people, but it also makes the whole island the most fantastic of places to photograph. 

The photograph I've included here is not from Hydra though, but from Aegina - an island that is even closer to Athens - just a forty minute boat ride or so (and yes, I might just have but this as my profile picture). For me Aegina is the kind of island that is nice to see for just one day. You can take the early boat there, walk around in the town, see the temple of Afaia and other sights you might want to. After that you can run through the burning sand and into the glittering water, spend your day at the beach and then proceed to eat at one of the fish tavernas by the fishermen's square or maybe one of those places situated by the edge of the harbor. After this, as we did, you can scoop up some pistachio gelato (Aegina has amazing pistachios) and then catch the boat back to Athens all sun-kissed and if you are like me, rather sunburnt and exhausted. A good day on a Greek island. 

I rarely talk about my life or where I live on this blog, mainly because I feel weird about it, but also because I'm living in Athens right now, and the situation here is a highly sensitive but also a frequently talked about subject. I feel almost guilty writing about how truly amazing trips to the Greek islands can be, but at the same time I feel it a necessity to, in a sense, promote all the good things Greece, my other home country, has to offer. Because there is really so many great things about Greece, and no matter what is happening here, staring into the deep, blue sea and listening to the sound of the waves always helps. Even if just the slightest.

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