Greek yoghurt scones

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us It's time to turn a new leaf here on this blog. Though I love music more than anything, I do have other pastimes as well - such as cooking and baking. How I love blending ingredients - essentially tastes, smells, colors and textures - together. Suddenly it hit me, I cook and bake all the time, so why not share some of my recipes. In truth many of my recipes aren't really recipes, but different experiments of what I think and hope might work together. Today I found myself wanting scones - a baked good I made all the time for breakfast before, but that I haven't made in ages. And why not put some Greek yoghurt in the mix, I thought. I am, after all, in Greece as we speak. The result was quite the tasty scone, soft and fluffy with the perfect balance between salty and sweet. As I've mentioned in the little recipe I made above, I suggest pairing the scones with fig jam, feta cheese, pesto and maybe some honey.

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