Image Hosted by ImageShack.us Image Hosted by ImageShack.us So I love the kind of space a blog creates for you. For me it's a place where I can write texts and post photos which interest me, come up with titles and exercise by abilities in different areas. I promised myself there would always be a grounded and fundamental thought behind the posts, that I would make something of this blog, mostly for myself, but also for those few of you of my friends and family who might or might not be reading this and checking in from time to time. However, sometimes finding a fitting title, putting together stories and photos and all that I've chosen should be in this blog, can be such a process. I have so many photos and small notes from different places I save every day that I can't really find a place for here, but that I nevertheless would like to share. Tumblr is great for this, and so I've recently created this page: insertfrenchword.tumblr.com. It's a place where I just post all the photos I want to share, some music, the poems and texts I read everyday and find beautiful, maybe lyrics to songs, maybe sometimes videos. A place where the content needs no further explanation, but is just put out there for the viewer to enjoy, for the onlooker to create connections between. A tumblr really doesn't need an explanation though, everyone knows that the platform is great for creating a visual or conceptual space for oneself. So check it out: insertfrenchword.tumblr.com


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