Without further ado

Hello. My name is Alexandra, and Quiet Spells is a blog that'll be written by me. I recently moved to another country, and find it necessary to have a place where friends, family and maybe other people can keep up with my interests and musings. Of course, it's not just that - the allure of maintaining a creative space such as a blog is one I feel compelled to explore. I love being able to write texts and post images that are of my liking, for no particular reason other than that I like them. A place where I can perhaps explore specific themes and ideas more deeply than I would have without a blog - a place for writing - a creative space.

I chose the name Quiet Spells after much going about - I'll tell you, it's not easy to find a name you like that hasn't been snagged by someone in the early 2000s. When I finally settled on the current name I was beyond satisfied - I am beyond satisfied. I wanted a short, aesthetically pleasing and sounding name, and that is exactly what I've found. The term "quiet spell" has many meanings, but they can all be summed up to that of a break, a moment of repose and relief. The name symbolizes exactly what I am hoping for in such a place as this blog - a place where I can take a break from daily life and just indulge in my interests. So, without further ado - welcome to my blog, Quiet Spells, I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable!

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