Séraphine de Senils

A couple of days ago I watched the film about Séraphine Louis (later de Senils), the self-taught, strange painter. I must say that as of late (late in this case being a slow, but steady process of many months, maybe even a few years) I've come to like more sedated, neutral and "easy" colors (though bordeaux is still my favorite color). No fuss, just very clean and simple lines. However, upon getting a glimpse of Séraphine's mind and her art work, all the passionate colors and overbearing motifs of trees, flowers and fruit I had to move away from that previous notion I have of well, everything. At least in the case of Séraphine's paintings. I sometimes find it difficult to like paintings of things in nature such as these - they bring forth a feeling of sadness and dispair in me - a depressing feeling altogether. But these paintings have so much life and passion in them. It feels like the paintings - the trees, the flowers, the leaves - are moving,t he colors bouncing around, maybe even dancing.

1. Feuilles, 1928-29
2. Les Grappes de Raisins, 1930.

Source: here.

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